By AOMEI / Last Updated September 30, 2020

Why do you need to move OS to new hard drive?

Generally speaking, with more files and programs to save on the disk, the partition is becoming smaller, especially the system drive. When this happens, the system will run slowly. In such circumstance, to extend partition seems to be the easy way to solve it. However, when all your partitions run out of space, what should you do?

Of course, many users will buy a larger new disk to transfer OS in order to make system run smoothly. Unfortunately, here comes another problem. When doing the transition, if to reinstall the OS, it will costs a lot of time. Thus, you may want to find an easy and safe way to move os to new drive.

Based the problems above, there is a best partition software which supports move OS to another hard drive. It can easily and safely move OS to new hard drive without reinstalling system.

How to move OS to new hard drive?

Transferring the OS to a hard drive is not easy as copy and paste the system dive. Usually, the system is installed in C drive. Thus, transferring OS is like clone C:

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition is a technical disk tool to settle all your disk problems. Its simple interface will give you a big hand, even for a freshman. There are three ways to access disk or partition clone. Let me show you on the below picture:

Copy Disk

Two methods provided in AOMEI Partition Assistant

When doing the disk clone with Partition Assistant, there are two methods providing for you. Now, please see it one by one.

▲Clone Disk Quickly

It is highly recommended because it will save time and support to adjust or move the partition during the process. Only the used space can be copied to a new disk.

▲Sector-by-Sector Clone

It will copy all the sectors in the resource disk to a new one no matter it is used or not. In other word, the target disk is entirely the same with original one.

    Copy Disk Quickly

Apart from this type, you can also try "Migrate OS to SSD" in the Wizards list. It will move the present running system to another SSD or HDD. Please read the article about migrating OS to SSD for details. With this software, you also can resize/move/wipe partitions, allocate free space, etc.

Do you want to make your system runs smoothly? Now, quickly download the magic partition manager to optimize your system.