Disk, partition cloner for making a duplication of your partition

For the purposes of protecting your data when program crash or unexpected situation comes or the data migration, AOMEI Partition Assistant upgraded new features to copy disk and copy partition. If you got a new disk and want to move all data on the older disk to the new disk, the disk copy function is ready for you. Furtherly, if you would like to migrate a part of whole disk (only a partition, not an entire disk), partition copy function is right here.

There are two copy methods: “quick copy” (with file by file) and “complete copy” (with sector by sector), which are supported by AOMEI Partition Assistant. The former only copy all existing files, the latter will copy both all available files and lost/deleted files from the source disk to destination disk. All the operation called “Disk or Partition Clone”. Want to have this cloner? Enjoy it right now.


  • Supports to copy a small disk to a larger disk or copy a large disk to a smaller disk.
  • Copy the selected partition to other partition or other disks.
  • Ability to change target partition size while copying.
  • Supports both “quick copy” in file by file and “complete copy” in sector by sector.
  • Supports to boot OS from target disk after all data copied from the original to target disk.
Learn How to Clone Hard Disk

If this function can help you maintain partition and hard disk easily and fast, you can: