Copy your disk or partition right now!

Copy a disk or partition can make an exact duplicate of the source disk or partition. You can clone the original disk or partition for back up. Or copy disk to transfer all data to another disk to avoid OS & apps reinstallation.

To perform disk or partition copy effortlessly, AOMEI Partition Assistant is recommended. It supports different types of disk, such as SATA, M.2, NVMe drive, etc. and works smoothly under these conditions:

  • Clone system disk to smaller SSD without boot issue for better PC performance.
  • Clone disk to new larger one to solve Low disk space warning problem.
  • Ability to change target partition size while copying.
  • Clone one specific partition, like recovery partition to new hard drive.

What’s more, this copy software can make partition alignment for SSD during cloning process. And it allows you to clone only OS realated partitions (data partitin not included) to another disk via Migrate OS to SSD Wizard.

Learn How to clone disk

Learn how to clone partition

If this function can help you maintain partition and hard disk easily and fast, you can: