Why Need to Hide Partition/Unhide Partition?

  • Usually, to protect any important data on one partition from accessing, we can encrypt this partition, or hide this partition. When a partition is hidden, we can only see it in Disk Management, but cananot see or access it in Windows File Explorer. The most common example is system recovery partition. It is hidden in default by manufacturers. Hiding the recovery partition or OEM partitions can ensure its integrity and successful system factory restoration after OS crasha. Many people also hide bootcamp partition or other partitions that contain vital information. Instead, sometimes, we need to unhide partition. For example, when we want to access the partition data and edit them as usual.Then we have to unhide partition first. Yet, if we want to modify system recovery partition, we can first unhide recovery partition.
  • Nowadays, computer users get an increasing strong sense of crucial data protection. Thus, most of them select to back up their information of key importance daily, weekly or monthly. What I would like to say is that do not forget the contents in hidden partition when you make a backup. To backup those items, first you should unhidden the partition which contains these data for usually data backup software will not backup the data in hidden partition.
  • Note: Hidden partition cannot be seen in Windows File Explorer, but AOMEI Partition Assistant can recognize it.
    Therefore, you can exactly click on the hidden partition and unhidden it in Partition Assistant partition list.