What Is a Volume Label?

  • According to Wikipedia, a volume label is the name given to a specific volume in a filesystem.
  • With IBM compatible computers a volume label is a unique name assigned to a storage medium by the user. For example, a user is able to change the label on a floppy disk to describe its contents.

How to Find Volume Label?

  • You can also find both the volume label and volume serial number of a drive from the drive's properties within Windows but the Command Prompt method is a bit faster. Open command prompt, type “vol n” and press Enter. “n” is the drive letter of object volume. This command can also help you find the serial number of the aim partition. For example, use “vol d:” command to find the partition label and serial number of D partition.
  • Tip: Partition label is optional. Thus, some partitions may have no label.

How to Label Volume?

Other Functions of AOMEI Partition Assistant

Besides change partition label of all kinds of hard disks (usb volume label, cd volume label, dvd volume label, c volume label, external volume label, etc.), partition assistant can do many other management to partitions.