Situations for Hard Disk Surface Test

Bad sector is a sector on a hard disk which has been damaged logically or physically. If it is logically damaged, you can reuse it after rebuilding or reformatting it; if it’s physically damaged, it means that it has lost the ability to write and retrieve data forever. Bad sector can sometimes corrupt saved data as well as slow down computer responding speed. In order to improve the performance of your computer, make use of Disk Surface Test to make sure that you hard drives have no bad sectors.

When need to surface test hard disk? Here list some most common situations:
  • Backup preparation – Before doing backup work, it is suggested to do hard drive surface test to make sure there is no bad sector been backed up.
  • HDD diagnosis – Surface test hard disk to find out causes which lead to current problems you encounter.
  • Regular disk check – Check HDD health regularly to prevent disk failure.