By Lucas / Last Updated June 23, 2021

The issue: partition lost in Windows 7

Partition lost is a common disaster that occurs in daily life. Here are some cases of losing partition in Windows 7.

“Hi, all. I accidentally deleted my E drive which is used to store data while installing Windows OS. Now, the operating system has been installed smoothly. I was wondering if there is any way to recover that accidentally deleted partition, now is unallocated space, in Windows 7. Thanks.”.”

“Help please. One of my hard drive partitions becomes a space with an asterisk in Disk Management this morning I turned on my Windows 7. It disappears from Windows File Explorer and I cannot access files on that partition. I can’t recall what has done exactly because last time I use it was a week ago. Can I recover missing partition in Windows 7? Any help would be appreciated.”

“My Dell Recovery Partition missing on Windows 7, and I cannot restore when disaster happen in the future. I have no idea about the causes. Please help.”

Usually, partitions will get lost owing to inappropriate operations like delete or format. However, sometimes, they get missing without a reason, at least not a reason you can aware of. Some possible reasons for a partition missing are listed in the next part. If you’re not interested, skip to the “How-to” part directly.

Possible causes for partition missing in Windows 7

These reasonable causes for partition lost are widely discussed. Check if they are applying for your situation.

  • Loss of volume label, drive letter or partition name.

  • Bad sectors.

  • Corrupted partition table or file system.

  • Lost after a hard drive repartition.

  • Lost after a hard drive upgrading.

  • Power failure.

  • That information just for reference, and what counts next is to find out how to recover the lost, deleted, missing or formatted partition easily. In the first place, you need to bear these notes in mind.

  • A deleted or formatted partition is recoverable because Windows only removes or rebuilds partition information such as partition size, location, etc.

  • Do not add new items to the formatted partition, or reformat it.

  • Do not recreate new partition on the unallocated space.

  • How to recover lost partition in Windows 7 with an easy way?

    A pretty easy way to perform partition recovery in Windows 7 will be firstly introduced. AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional is powerful yet easy-to-use software that helps you recover deleted, formatted, lost or missing partitions with clicks.

    This software is able to recover NTFS partition, and works perfect on GPT and MBR partition table. It will find lost partition in Windows 7 with two search methods, fast search and full search. Further, to avoid issues like software confliction or if your system fails to boot, you can create bootable media and do these operations without booting Windows 7.

    What’s more, this software supports managing dynamic disk volume. For example, it helps a lot when you unable to convert dynamic disk to basic without losing data.

    Recover partition in Windows 7 step by step

    1. Install and run AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. Click Partition Recovery Wizard on the left panel. In the pop up window, select the disk where your lost partition locates and click Next.

    Partition Recovery Wizard

    2. Select a search mode, Fast Search (recommended) and Full Search, and click Next.

    Search Method

    3. Wait for the search complete and select the lost partition from given list. Click Proceed to start. Patience is required when the software is recovering the partition.

    Select Lost Partition

    4. At the congratulations window, click Finish to exit this page. Back to Disk Management to check if your partition gets recovered.

    Partition Recovery Finish


  • If you cannot find lost partition after a Fast Search, click Full Search and try again.

  • To recover lost partition on Windows Server operating systems, please turn to AOMEI Partition Assistant Server edition.

  • Recover partition in Windows 7 via command lines

    If your partition becomes a space with an asterisk in Disk Management, you can try this way to get it back, re-assign drive letter in CMD. It is also a kind of free way to recover lost partition.

    1. Click Start and type cmd in the search box. Right click cmd.exe from the results and select Run as administrator.

    2. Type diskpart and press Enter. Then, input these commands successively and each command is along with an Enter.

  • list disk

  • select disk n (where n is the disk number of the disk where your lost partition locates)

  • list volume

  • select volume # (where # is the volume number of the lost partition)

  • assign letter=g (you can replace g with any other letter that is not occupying)

  • Assign Drive Letter

    3. Type exit twice to leave DiskPart and CMD.

    Please note that all steps take effect immediately and you cannot step back in command prompt. Therefore, make sure you’re selecting the right disk and partition, or other partitions will be affected.

    For your information, DiskPart helps you manage hard drive partitions in Windows. You can type diskpart> help to learn more commands. For example, you can use DiskPart to make bootable USB drive.


    Two ways on how to recover lost, deleted, formatted or missing partition in Windows 7 are introduced above. Choose the way that you prefer. Actually, they also apply to Windows 10, 8, 8.1, XP and Vista. Hard drive failure and partition issue occur quite often, so it is suggested to create regular backup for important files.

    Apart from recovering lost partition, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional also supports migrate OS to SSD from HDD while keeping files on HDD, convert disk between MBR and GPT without data loss, resize system partition, secure erase SSD before selling and without hurting its lifespan, etc. It is suggested to keep it installed to help manage hard drive efficiently after.