How to Remove Windows 11 from Dual Boot Safely

If you want to know how to remove Windows 11 from dual boot, you can refer to this post. Here provide 2 effective ways to delete dual boot system safely and easily.


By Dervish / Updated on January 23, 2024

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Help! How to remove dual boot from Windows?



I am using Windows 10 for my daily use and I want to remove Windows 11 from the dual boot. How to remove Windows 11 completely from my laptop?"

Dual Boot

If you have more than one operating system installed on your PC, you will see a “Choose an operating system” screen at startup with the name of each installed operating system listed in the boot options menu. The purpose of this tutorial is to show how to remove Windows 11 from dual boot without affecting Windows 10.

Can I remove dual boot Windows 11 from computer?

Windows 11 has been popular with many Windows users since its release. Some users upgrade old operating system to Windows 11 to experience Windows 11; while some users choose to install dual systems on a computer.

Later, due to the new system having some glitches, some users regret installing Windows 11. In this case, they may choose to remove dual boot Windows 11 from computer. So, if you also have installed dual systems, you can remove Windows 11 from the dual boot.

Step-by-step: How to remove Windows 11 from dual boot

To uninstall one of the operating systems on a dual-boot computer, you can either delete the target OS in the system configuration or delete the system partition you want to directly. Therefore, the following two methods are worth a try.

▶ Method 1. Remove Windows 11 from dual boot via msconfig

Using the msconfig utility, you can select the default operating system to boot directly when you restart the computer, or remove one of the two installed operating systems. Please refer to the following:

Step 1. Press the “Windows + R” keys to open the “Run” box, type "msconfig" and press the “Enter” to open the "System Configuration" window.

Step 2. Select the Boot tab from the window and set the OS you want to keep as default.

Step 3. To delete Windows 11, just click on it and select "Delete". Then click Apply and OK.

Delete Dual Boot

Step 4. When you restart your computer, you can see that the Windows 11 startup item has disappeared, and you will open Windows 10. After turning on, format the partition used by Windows 11, so all remnants of Windows 11 will be gone. If you want to use this space to extend other partitions, delete the volume.

▶ Method 2. Remove Windows 11 from dual boot by free software

This method is to directly delete the partition where the operating system is located. Some people might delete it by Disk Management, but you'll find the Delete Volume greyed out if you want to delete the system partition in Disk Management.

To do this, I recommend you to use AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. This is an all-in-one free disk partition management software that is easy for users because of the graphic user interface. It not only makes up for the shortcomings of Disk Management, but also brings more practical functions to solve various problems for users.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Download and install freeware AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard.

Step 2. In the main interface, right-click the system partition of Windows 11 and select “Delete Partition”. 


Step 3. In the next window, choose a proper deleting method based on your requirements.

Delete Partition

Step 4. Click on “Apply” and “Proceed” to commit the pending operation.


After that, you can see that the partition has become an unallocated space. You can create a new partition for data storage or add the unallocated space to another partition.

Further tip: Fix Windows boot failure

If you fail to restart your computer, it is possible that the MBR was corrupted in previous operations. We can make bootable media through AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, which allows you to rebuild the bootloader through the "Rebuild MBR" and boot Windows successfully.

Step 1. Connect an empty USB drive to another working Windows computer and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. Click "Tools"> “Make Bootable Media”  and follow the prompts to create a bootable USB.

Make Bootable Media

Step 2. To boot computer from the bootable media for once, you can press a functional key (F11 or F12, the key can be different on PCs of different modes or brands) to enter boot menu. Then, choose USB drive and press Enter to boot from it.

Boot from USB Device

Step 3. Once login, you will enter the main interface of AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. Right-click the system disk and choose “Rebuild MBR”.

Build System Disk MBR

Step 4. Choose a proper MBR type for your current operating system and click on “OK”.

Choose MBR Type

Step 5. Click on “Apply” and “Proceed” to commit the pending operation.

Click Apply

Sum up

This is the full guide about how to remove Windows 11 from dual boot without causing boot problems. There are two methods provided, you can choose one that suits for you. By the way, AOMEI Partition Assistant has more advanced features such as converting MBR and GPT without losing data, convert dynamic disk to basic without data loss, move installed program to another and more, please upgrade to Professional Version.

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