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n this post, we will share the best Kingston USB write protected removal software to help you remove write protection from USB drives in Windows 11/10/8/7.


By Lucas / Updated on May 13, 2024

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About Kingston USB Flash Drive Write Protection

USB write protection

When you read this article, you must have encountered Kingston USB write-protected error: Cannot write, modify and delete files on the Kingston USB flash drive, even cannot access your Kingston USB. What’s the Kingston USB flash drive write protection (known as read-only)?

It’s a function to avoid virus invasion and incorrect operations, so the content on the Kingston USB flash drive cannot be modified if the USB is write-protected, only for the read. There are some conditions that the write-protected information will pop up:
1. Your Kingston USB flash drive has viruses, please check for it.
2. Check whether the write protection switch is turned on or not, confirm the write protection switch is turned off.
3. Make sure your Kingston USB isn’t filled up.

You can solve your problem easily under the above-mentioned circumstances. If else, you could try another way to repair the write-protected Kingston pen drive.

Safe download the Kingston USB write protected removal software

The best way to fix the Kingston USB flash drive write-protected error is to format the Kingston Flash drive. However, this way doesn’t work sometimes, because Windows doesn’t allow formatting the Kinston pen drive the most times. Is there any professional write protection removal software for the Kingston pen drive in Windows 11/10/8/7?

Of course, the powerful partition manager -- AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional can help remove write protection from Kingston USB, or other branded USB drives by force formatting it. Besides, it also offers great help for your partition management, including cloning partition/disk, merging partition, moving partition, and wipe the hard drive, making bootable media, etc.

Now you can free download the demo version of this (Kingston) USB write protected removal software and follow the steps:

Try It FreeWin 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 1. Insert the Kingston USB flash drive you want to format into your computer.

Step 2. Install and launch the Kingston USB writer-protected error repairing software (AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional). Select your Kingston USB drive (here is G partition on Disk 3), right-click it, and choose “Format Partition”.

Format Partition

Step 3. In the next window, edit and preview the partition information, including Partition Label, File System, and Cluster Size, and confirm these details. Then click “OK”.

File System

Step 4. Confirm these operations on Pending Operations and the changes of the G partition, and hit “Apply” to format the write-protected Kingston USB flash drive.


Eventually, Kingston USB writes protection should be solved, and you can use your Kingston USB to read and write data again.

Note: to repair write protection errors on Kingston USB drives, you can also try to check whether there are some bad sectors on it and fix them via AOMEI Partition Assistant’s “Check Partition” feature.

Another 2 Kingston USB write protected removal tools

Above we have introduced a piece of Kingston USB write protected removal software, and now we would like to share two different USB write protection removal tools that are built into the Windows operating system. One is CMD commands and the other is Registry Editor.

1. CMD commands to remove read-only from Kingston USB drive

CMD command line in Windows DOS is one of the solutions to repairing write-protected drives. As a write-protected USB drive removal tool, it can help you clear read-only attributes within simple steps.

Step 1. Press “Windows+R” to open the Run dialog, input “cmd” and hit on the "Enter" key.

Step 2. Type “diskpart” in the elevated Command Prompt window and press Enter.

Step 3. Then run the below command in the given sequence.

• list volume
• select volume ("#" is the volume number of your Kingston USB flash drive, which you want to remove from)
• attributes disk clear readonly


After a while, you will see the prompt says that the Kingston USB remove write protection has been successful.

2. Use Registry Editor to remove write protection from USB:

Step 1. Enter “Regedit” in the Windows search box to enter “Registry Editor”.

Step 2. Go to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies.

Step 3. Double click the WriteProtect, Change the value from 1 to 0, and click “OK” to save this change.

Then close the Registry Editor and restart your computer, insert your Kingston USB flash drive again, and you’ll find the Kingston USB is not write-protected anymore. You can format your Kingston USB flash drive with ease.



So, with the recommended Kingston USB write-protected removal software and tools, you will be able to make your USB work as normal again with no hassle. If not, you can learn more ways to remove write protection from USB. If your USB's type is Kingston DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 (DTHX30), you can also try Kingston Format Utility to remove write protection.

Plus, AOMEI Partition Assistant also provides other functions to manage disk partitions such as converting system disk between MBR and GPT, converting FAT32 to NTFS, and vice versa, initializing disk, etc. Moreover, the Professional edition supports migrating OS to SSD, command-line partitioning, allocating free space, SSD Secure Erase, partition recovery, etc. If you are a Server user, you could enjoy all advanced functions with the Server edition.

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