By Ivy / Last Updated June 20, 2017

System Repair Disk and HP Recovery Disk:

Before we clone HP recovery partition to an external drive, we need to know something about system repair disk and HP recovery disk:

System repair disk(usually called recovery disk) is usually created by windows native backup and restore application, such as windows 7. It is used to repair your disk. In HP recovery disk, there is a tool in Start Menu to burn a set of recovery DVDs. It is a factory setting recovery When your computer crash. It is quite different in their function.

In addition, system repair disk only needs one external disk such as DVD, USB, HDD etc. However, the HP recovery disk needs at least two external disks, most often three or four.

HP Recovery Partition

When You Need to Copy HP Recovery Partition to an External Drive:

1. Your disk space is not big enough for you to use. Sometimes, you will find your disk is out of space. It makes you upset. You want to get more space but you don’t want to get another one. So how to get more space in this case? Some users may want to copy HP recovery partition to an external partition, but they are afraid that there will come some errors during the operation. Is there any easy but efficient way? Yes, a third-party tool like AOMEI Partition assistantcan do it.

2. You want to copy a duplicate in case something unexpectedly occurs. In our life, there are a lot of things we can’t image, such as a virus, hacker, hardware failures etc. So you can copy HP recovery partition to an HDD or SSD in advance. If there is something unexpectedly occurs, you can make use of it to restore your computer.

How to Copy HP Recovery Partition to an External Drive?

No matter what purpose you own, it is essential to copy HP recovery partition to an external drive. Now, connecting your external drive and beginning to our work.

Step 1: Download AOMEI Partition Assistantand launch it. Then you are able to see the main page. Moving your figure to click the recovery partition and select Copy Partition in the pop-up window.

Recovery Partition 1

Step 2: In Partition Copy Operation window, selecting Copy Partition Quickly or Sector-by-Sector Copy according to your needs.

Partition Copy Method


1. If you select Copy Partition Quickly, you just need to wait for a few time. Because it only copies the used sector.

2. If you select Sector-by-Sector Copy, a lot of time will be needed. Because it copies both used space and unused space. If you are afraid to lose data, you could use a Sector-by-Sector Copy. At the same time, in order not to waste too much time, you would better clean some useless files or

Garbage files.

Step 3: Select an unallocated partition as the Destination Space.

Destination Space

Notice: If there isn’t any unallocated space, you can resize partition to get some unallocated space or just delete partitionwhere there doesn’t exist any data.

Step 4: Drag your mouse pointer to resize partition. You can keep it or adjust it to full size in accordance with your needs. When every preparation is completed, click Finish.

Resize Partition

Step 5: After finishing above steps, you can preview the result of copy partition. And slightly move your figure to click Apply in the upper left quarter.


Step 6: In this window, you can see the detail information about Copy Partition. If everything is OK, click Proceed to complete the operation.

Summary Operation

Step 7: In this window, you can see the progress of Copy Partition and wait for a period of time. When this operation finish, click OK.

Copy Partition

Congratulations! You have already copied HP recovery partition to an external drive successfully.


1. The Destination Space must be an unallocated space. If there isn’t, you can get some unallocated space by resize partition or directly delete partition.

2. We recommend you to select Copy Partition Quickly instead of Sector by Sector Copy, because the second one will cost you much time. In reality, if you don’t want to clone all the sectors, the first one will a better choice.