Extend system partition to improve computer operating efficiency

The operating system is always installed on a hard drive, which affects your computer speed a lot. If you want to speed up your computer, the hard drive appears to be extremely significant. Facing some problem, such as “low disk space in system”, you are urgently to require increasing the hard drive partition, especially for server administrator.

However extending system partition is a technical operation for normal users, AOMEI Partition Assistant helps you to fix the technical problem in just a few clicks which enables you to make full use of other available partition space to enlarge the system partition.

Shining points:

  • Not required restarting computer: in order to reduce downtime, the wizard can extend any partition (including the size of your system partition) without restarting your server or PC.
  • One-key operation: to make technical operation simply, “Extend Partition Wizard” offers one-key operation concept, only a few button clicking, the mission may be completed easily and safely.
  • Data Protection: to make your data safe enough, the wizard offers full data protection during operation.
  • High efficiency: to save your time, “Extend Partition Wizard” will step by step guide you increase system partition size instantaneously.
Enjoy AOMEI Partition Assistant free version

If this function can help you maintain partition and hard disk easily and fast, you can: