Disk Management and Partitions Recovery with a Bootable Rescue CD

Have you encountered the situation that your current operating system fails to boot? If yes, create a bootable CD based on Windows PE might be the best way to fix this problem. Windows PE does not require a hard drive to boot, and it can run solely from a CD/DVD disc or USB flash drive (of course, AOMEI Partition Assistant will be packed or built-in to this bootable drive).

AOMEI Partition Assistant added the feature of creating bootable CD wizard which allows you to create bootable CD or USB flash drive in a few click only. You will not worry about the situation of OS crash any more.


  • You can use all functions of AOMEI partition software in this bootable CD drive, including partition recovery, rebuilding MBR, changing partition size, repartitioning a hard drive, etc.
  • The bootable CD has ability to recognize all storage devices including IDE, SCSI, SATA, SSD, IEEE-1394, Flash Drive, etc.
  • The bootable CD supports to work on all of hardware RAID, such as RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10, etc.
Learn How to Create Windows PE Bootable USB or CD

If this function can help you maintain partition and hard disk easily and fast, you can: