Convert MBR to GPT Windows Server 2016 without Data Loss

You can convert MBR and GPT in Windows Server 2016 for free, but that will cause data loss. Luckily, here comes a safe tool that allows you to convert MBR & GPT in all Windows Server operating systems without deleting partitions or losing data.


By Emily / Updated on March 7, 2024

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MBR VS GPT for Windows Server 2016

Currently, when building servers, users prefer drives with a capacity greater than 2TBs. As we all know, any disk space beyond 2TB will be unusable if the drive has been initialized with the Master Boot Record (MBR) style. Therefore, if you are going to build a new server using Windows Server 2016, then it is recommended that you choose the GUID Partition Table (GPT) partition style, which uses the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) boot mode.

Most new hardware uses the advanced UEFI by default rather than Legacy BIOS, however, the majority of older hardware will also include support for UEFI. In order to check whether your hardware is compatible you should look on the manufacturer's website. So, if you want to make full use of your drives larger than 2TBs then convert MBR to GPT in Windows Server 2016.

Convert to MBR/GPT in Windows Server 2016 via Disk Management

Windows Disk Management is only able to convert data disks between MBR and GPT when the disk is empty and doesn’t contain any partitions or volumes. This means that if you want to use Disk Manager to convert your disk then you will need to back up all your data to external storage. You can follow the steps below to convert a disk between MBR and GPT in Windows Server for free with Disk Management:

1. Right-click the Start button to open up the Quick Access Menu, in the Quick Access Menu, select Disk Management.

2. Right-click on each partition on the disk that needs to be converted and select "Delete Volume" to clean the disk.

Delete Volume

3. If you want to convert MBR to GPT, right click on the disk, and select "Convert to GPT Disk".

Convert GPT

If it is a GPT disk that you want to convert to MBR, then the option available will be "Convert to MBR Disk".

Convert to GPT in Windows Server 2016 with Diskpart

After a short wait, the disk will be converted to GPT (or vice versa), and you will then be able to repartition the hard drive. However, you cannot use Disk Management to convert an MBR boot disk to GPT since you can’t delete the boot partition via Windows Disk Management. As a workaround, you can boot your server from a Windows Server installation disc and press Shift +F10 in the Windows Setup screen to open the DiskPart utility. In DiskPart you should enter the below commands in the command prompt to convert the disk to GPT:

▸list disk
▸select disk n (“n” represents the number of the disk that needs converting to GPT)
▸convert gpt

Convert to GPT

Problems when you choose Disk Management & CMD

While using Disk Management and CMD to convert an MBR disk to GPT on Windows Server 2016 can be effective, there are potential disadvantages and challenges users may encounter during the process:

  1. Data Loss: Both the conversion processes can result in data loss because these 2 tools are only available on empty disks. It's crucial to back up all important data before attempting any disk conversion.

  2. Complexity: The process can be complex, especially for users who are not familiar with disk partitioning and command-line operations. It requires careful attention to commands and steps to avoid errors.

  3. Potential Data Corruption: Any interruption during the conversion process, such as power loss or system crash, can potentially corrupt the disk and result in data loss or system instability.

  4. Limited Undo Options: Unlike some dedicated disk conversion tools that offer undo or rollback options, Disk Management and CMD may have limited options for reverting changes if something goes wrong.

Convert MBR to GPT disk without losing data in Server 2016

AOMEI Partition Assistant Server is powerful partition management software with multiple useful features designed for Windows Servers 2022/2019/2016/2012/2008/2003 and Windows 11/10/8/7. Many users consider it to be an outstanding piece of conversion software for converting system/data hard drives between MBR and GPT without losing data. AOMEI Partition Assistant Server edition even allows you to preview the new partition layout before you make the changes to your disk.

★Before conversion:
 To convert MBR to GPT, please ensure your Windows Server is 64-bit, if not, please upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit first.
 Make sure your motherboard supports the UEFI or EFI boot mode since you have to switch from Legacy to UEFI after conversion, and vice versa.

1. You can first download the demo version to have a try.

Download Sever DemoWindows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012
Secure Download

2. Right-click the disk that needs converting. In the drop-down menu, select the "Convert to GPT" option and click OK to confirm the conversion.

Convert System Disk To GPT

If you want to convert between GPT to MBR, just select the "Convert to MBR Disk" option.

Convert System Disk To MBR

3. Click "Apply" button to apply the changes.


After a short wait, this powerful partition manager will successfully convert MBR  to GPT in Windows Server 2016 system. Suppose you want to convert MBR and GPT during Windows Server installation or convert MBR and GPT without the operating system. In that case, you can create a bootable media and boot the computer from it, and finish the conversion in WinPE mode.

Make Bootable Media


AOMEI Partition Assistant provides many other functions to help you manage your partitions and disks. These features include resizing partition, moving partition, cloning MBR and GPT, migrating OS to SSD, recovering lost partitions, and more. If you want to protect an unlimited number of computers within one company (at one location) then you can try AOMEI Partition Assistant Unlimited.

If you need to protect unlimited computers in multiple locations then AOMEI Partition Assistant Technician will be able to assist you. And the Unlimited and Technician have a useful feature, Create Portable Version, which can copy AOMEI Partition Assistant to a removable device and use it on other devices without installation. 

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