Change Partition Label

April 27, 2023

Partition label is an optional name assigned to a partition to easily recognize your partitions. For example, one could be called WinXP which represent your system partition, Games which represent a partition with games stored.

In order to better recognize your partitions, adding or changing a partition label is the most effective way. For instance, you could label a partition as “Entertainment” if it is mainly stored with games and films or you could also label a partition which is full of business information and application softwares as “Work”, say, D: Entertainment or E: Work. For this purpose AOMEI Partition Assistant provides a powerful feature – Change Label. This function is specialized in facilitating desired files and documents, and in this way, user will enjoy a considerably convenient files searching experience.

Before you do

User could download AOMEI Partition Assistant at AOMEI Partition Assistant Download Center.

To change partition label

After installing Aomei Partition Assistant on your pc, run it, you will find there are 2 solutions to change partition label.

Solution 1: Right click one partition which you want to change its label, click "Advanced" and you will see "Change Label" feature.

Change Label

Solution 2: Highlight one partition which you want to change its label, on the left side of Aomei Partition Assistant's interface, you will see "Change Label" under Partition Operations.

Change Label Option

No matter which solution you use, click "Advanced"> "Change Label" and you can change its label. Let's take C: partition as an example.

Step 1: Click "Change Label" and then name it for this "Partition Label".

Edit Partition Label

Step 2: Click "OK" and you will see new partition label has been added to C partition.


Step 3: Click "Apply" in the upper left corner of the interface and wait for process to complete.



  • The partition label can be at most 11 characters long for FAT/FAT32 file system. But for NTFS, it enjoys a maximum length of 32 characters.

  • When you change label for system partition(Usually it is C:drive), operations need to enter in reboot mode to complete.