AOMEI Partition Assistant

Migrate OS to SSD Wizard

Migrate system to SSD or HDD safely and fast

  • Quickly move operating system from HDD to smaller SSD
  • Easily migrate system partition to SSD without reinstalling
  • Make a copy of your system partition for backup

The Easiest OS Migration to SSD or New Hard Drive Wizard

To reinstall OS can be a slow and painful process. There are chances that you kill an entire day even a weekend or longer installing everything from scratch and tweaking all your applications and settings.

With AOMEI Partition Assistant, a wonderful OS migration tool, you can migrate operating system (OS) partition from HDD to a smaller SSD or move OS from one hard drive to larger drive without reinstalling Windows and apps installed on system partition.

Top Benefits:

  • Migrate OS to Solid State Drive (SSD) or other traditional hard disk drives (HDD) of different sizes.
  • Support move OS from MBR to GPT, MBR to MBR, GPT to GPT or GPT to MBR.
  • Automatically align partitions to optimize system performance during the OS migration.
  • Files including boot.ini, NTLDR, will be cloned when you migrating OS to SSD, ensuring that the cloned SSD bootable.
Learn How to Migrate OS to SSD or HDD >>

How to use AOMEI Partition Assistant to migrate OS from HDD to SSD?

  • Step 1. Get into Migrate OS to SSD Wizards.

    Connect the SSD to your computer and insure it can be detected. Install and run AOMEI Partition Assistant. Click “Migrate OS to SSD” and click “Next”.

  • Step 2. Select disk space.

    Here you need to select an unallocated space on Solid-State Drive or HDD as the target location.

  • Step 3. Resize and modify partition.

    Here you can specify the size or the location of the partition being created.

  • Step 4. boot operating system note.

    Then, you will read a note about how to boot OS from SSD or HDD will show up, keep it in mind and click Finish to continue.

  • Step 5. Commit the operation.

    Finally, you need to click “Apply” and “Proceed” to execute the task of migrate OS to SSD.

If this function can help you maintain partition and hard disk easily and fast, you can:

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