Convert basic disk or dynamic disk in Disk Management

As we all know that basic disk and dynamic disk are two configuration types of Windows system. Basic disk allows four primary partitions or three primary partitions and one extended partition, while dynamic disk contains 2000 dynamic volume. Once accidentally convert to dynamic disk when trying to create new partition, all the primary partitions and extended partitions will become dynamic volume. There is a limitation that dynamic disk can not support double system.

It is easy to convert basic disk to dynamic disk with Disk Management. But if you want to convert dynamic disk back into basic disk, it is not easy to do so. First, you should back up all the important volume to basic disk. And then you can delete all the volumes on dynamic disk. Finally you can convert it back to basic disk. It is risky to this operation. Any other methods can help to achieve this goal?

AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter

AOMEI Dynamic Disk Converter as the professional dynamic disk conversion tool, is developed with the powerful function on converting dynamic disk to basic disk with data security. It provides safely conversion to basic disk with retrieval data instead of recover data through other data recover software, just in order to solve invalid and unreadable dynamic disk problem. In addition, it can safely convert spanned, striped, mirrored and RAID-5 volume to a basic partition with the sector by sector method.

Main features:

* Simultaneously convert multiple dynamic disks to basic disks

* Convert dynamic disk to basic disk with data security in 3-10 seconds

* Support convert GPT dynamic disk to basic disk

* Revert invalid/unreadable/foreign dynamic disks into basic disks


Once convert to dynamic disk when trying to create new partition accidentally, it is easy to solve with the help of AOMEI Partition Assistant. Please download to have a try.