AOMEI Partition Assistant FAQ

July 17, 2019

AOMEI Partition Assistant is a full-ranged software which provides easy hard drive partitioning management, such as resize, merge, copy partitions on your hard disk without data loss.

Q: What should I do before extending my partition?

A. We highly suggest you close all other applications when running our product; If possible, we suggest youdo a defragment on all of partitions.

Q: Does Partition Assistant require a reboot in order to resize the partition?

A. Partition Assistant can extend volume/partition without rebooting computer except for the following situations:

1. Shrink system partitions.

2. Shrink/resize partition containing installation directory of AOMEI Partition Assistant.

3. Shrink/resize partitions containing the page file.

4. Shrink/resize partitions containing other running programs.

Q: Does Partition Assistant support Removable Drive?

A. Yes, it does. AOMEI Partition Assistant supports USB flash drive, PC card, SD card, etc.

Q: Can Partition Assistant convert partition from FAT to NTFS?
A. Partition Assistant allows you to convert file system from FAT to NTFS ast and safely. Of course, you can use "convert.exe C: /FS:NTFS" in command prompt line to complete the conversion. Or, you can use Partition Assistant command order "partassist.exe /fmt:F /fs:ntfs /label:test" in command prompt to do this.

Q: Does Partition Assistant support dynamic disk?
A. The free version doesn't support dynamic disk. However, you will have AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager/Convertor in the paid version, which can manage/convert dynamic disk.

Q: The machine is a server with hardware RAID. Does Partition Assistant Server Edition or Unlimited Edition support this?
A. Yes, AOMEI Partition Assistant supports hardware RAID, including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10, etc.

Q:How do I enlarge my C partition with free space on other partitions of the same disk?

A. You can directly extend your C partition by using Partition Assistant, more details please refer to Quick Allocate Free Space.

Q: What's the limitation of DEMO version?
A. The only limitation is DEMO version cannot execute a real operation when clicking the "Apply" button in the software. You need to buy the full version if you want to take effect the operation.

Q: Can I uninstall Server Edition or Professional Edition and install it on another computer?

A. It depends on how many computers you have installed the software on. One license code of Partition Assistant Server Edition can be used to register the program on maximum 2 servers. And, one license code of professional edition can be used to register on maximum 2 PCs. To manage more than 2 servers or PCs, you need to buy additional license codes or use Partition Assistant Unlimited Edition which allows unlimited usage within one company.

Q: To resize a partition, how long will it take?

A. It depends on the amount of data. The program will prompt the estimated time after clicking the "Apply" button.

Q: How to activate software with license code? There is no activated pop-up window?

A.Please check if it's a Demo or Standard version, only the paid version can be activated. If you don’t have the link to download the paid version, please contact us.

Q: Why are there two installers in the installation package?
A. After decompressing the package, you will find two kinds of installation software. One of them is AOMEI Partition Assistant(PA), the other one is AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager(DDM). PA is used to manage basic disk, and DDM is used to manage dynamic disk. If your disk is not dynamic disk, it is not necessary to install DDM. They can be activated with the same license code.

Q:After migrating OS, will the source system be deleted or not bootable?
A. Migrating system won’t take any effect on source system.

Q:The bootable media can't recognize some devices.

A. Maybe it lacks related drivers in the winpe, you could add corresponding drivers when recreating the WinPE.

Q: While extending hardware Raid1 disk, do I need to block the raid, and then extend them one by one?
A. No, you don't need to. When you extend one of Raid1 disk, others will be extended at the same time.

Q:After migrating OS, how to change the drive letter of the system partition on the destination disk into C:?
A. When you boot from the migrated partition, Windows will assign letter C to this partition automatically, you can't manually assign letter C to the partition.

Q:I want to install the new version, do I need to uninstall the old version first?

A: When you run the installer of new version, it will ask to uninstall the old version automatically before installing the new version.

Q: I receive the Error Description: "The wizards only extend a NTFS partition, but detected that your partition isn't a NTFS" by using "Extend Wizard"? How to deal with it?

A: "Extend Partition Wizard" does not support any FAT or FAT 32 partitions resizing directly. To solve this problem you need to convert your partition from FAT or FAT 32 to NTFS first by using the command line (convert drive letter: /fs:NTFS) or you could resize the FAT or FAT 32 partition on the main console of Partition Assistant directly.

Q: I get the Error Description: "Sorry, the program doesn't extend this partition yet because of the free disk space insufficient. We recommend you try to extend the partition in Partition Assistant Main Console". How could I solve it?

A: This error always appears when the partition you want to extend was at the end of the hard disk, to solve this problem, you could only extend the partition on main console of Partition Assistant.

Q: What is the Error Description: If in your system there is a Bitlocker volume, you need to turn off the Bitlocker, and then you can extend the partition again. Besides, we recommend you try to extend the partition in Partition Assistant Main Console.

A: Extend Partition Wizard does not support resizing any Bitlocker volumes; therefore, you could only turn off the Bitlocker first. Learn how to deal with a bitlocker partition?

Q: I get the Error Description: The wizard does not support to extend partition on a GPT disk; you can extend the GPT partition by using Partition Assistant Main Console. How could I solve it?

A: Extend Partition Wizard does not support any GPT disk, if you want to resize partition on GPT disk, you need to resize it on main interface of Partition Assistant.

Q: In the case of double system (XP and Win9X) environment, you move/resize the partition of Win9X under the XP environment. At last, you can't start Windows9X. Why?

A: It is directly related to the characteristics of Win9X because the Win9X partition can't be resized or moved. That's why we strongly advise you don't resize/move the old Windows9X. Otherwise, it will cause a lot of problems.

Q: The program is not response when locking volume, how do I solve it?

A: You can forcibly terminate the program by using Task Manager, re-run Partition Assistant and redo the operations. You can press the Shift key when clicking the Apply button on toolbar to solve the issue.

Q: After the operation complete, I can't find my drive in "My computer", how to solve it?

A: This problem may cause by the missing drive letter. To solve this problem, you could launch Partition Assistant, on the main interface, right-click the partition which has no drive letter (if a partition has no drive letter it will be shown as "*") and use the feature "Change drive letter" to assign a drive letter to this partition.

Q: When I right-click partition C, the option "Split Partition" and "Create Partition" are grayed out, how to active them?

A: This situation always causes by the numbers of the primary partition. If you have four primary partitions already, to solve this problem, you need to change one of your primary partitions into logical. After that the option will be active.

Q: The program supports to convert a GPT disk that has more than 4 partitions to MBR disk, but sometimes why does it prompt that current disk cannot meet the requirement of conversion? Then, what’s the requirement?

A: It is related to conversion principle and MBR limits. To convert a GPT disk that has multiple partitions to MBR disk, the program will convert the primary partitions except the first three to logical partitions. However, such conversion has to strictly follow the structure of MBR disks, so there will be some restrictions.

1. GPT disks can be converted to MBR disks except the following conditions:

2. If the distance between start address of a GPT partition and end address before it is less than 63 sectors (namely no extra space between two partitions) and the file system of the former partition is neither FAT32 nor NTFS, then this disk cannot be converted to MBR disk, because it is unable to adjust the size of the former partition to free up required space for the conversion. Under such circumstance, we suggest you temporarily remove the partition which is neither FAT32 nor NTFS to solve the problem.

3. The current system is on a GPT disk and there are 3 or more other partitions before or after the EFI partition, then the disk cannot be converted to MBR disks. We suggest you temporarily delete one or two partitions before or after EFI partition and then try again.

4. The current system is on a GPT disk and there are 3 or more other partitions before or after the EFI partition, then the disk cannot be converted to MBR disks. We suggest you temporarily delete one or two partitions before or after EFI partition and then try again.

Q: After converting GPT disk to MBR disk, what about the MSR partition?

A: The program will delete the MSR partition while converting GPT disk to MBR disk, because the MSR partition has no effect on a MBR disk.

Q: After converting system disk from GPT to MBR, why is it prompts to install the Windows AIK or ADK when creating a bootable media?

A: The recovery partition (WRE partition) will fail after conversion. AOMEI Partition Assistant bootable media is based on the winre.wim file from the recovery partition, so you will be prompted to install the AIK or ADK. You can copy the "Recovery" folder in the recovery partition to the root directory of C: drive, and then try again.

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