Windows Diskpart Command Helps to Increase Partition Size

In the field of computing, Windows Diskpart Command is a partition utility presented by command codes, and it has been employed in the versions of Windows NT operating systems since Windows 2000. There are many command prompts to carry out corresponding partition operations. For example, “list disk” “select disk x” “delete partition” “extend” “exit”, etc. Thus the Diskpart Command can play a very significant role in disk management.

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How to Solve the Problem of “Extend Volume Grayed Out” in Windows Server 2008?

Question: I am a Windows Server 2008 user, and the hard drive of my computer is 120GB, including Drive C 20GB, Drive D 40GB, Drive E 60GB. As time goes on, the system (C) drive nearly runs out of space, but drive E is almost empty. Therefore, I decide to allocate some free space from drive E to extend system volume. As a piece of good news to many Windows users, the built-in Disk Management has been added two new advanced features: shrink and extend volume. So with the help of “shrink volume”, I get an unallocated space from drive E. But unfortunately, the “Extend Volume” option is grayed out. How can I solve this problem?

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Partition Magic Alternative Helps to Extend System Partition Windows 2003 without Data Loss

The Windows Server 2003 users may always meet the same disk trouble, that is, “low disk space”. This problem may lead to some bad effects.

 The users can not update Windows or can not install some necessary applications.
 The computer will run more and more slowly.
 The system may crash if the disk space is extremely low.

Then, the operation of “Extend System Partition Windows 2003” needs to be carried out emergently. Then, how to solve this problem with disk managers?

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Partition Magic for Windows Server 2003: AOMEI Partition Assistant

Nowadays, with the development of the technology, more and more advanced applied programs have come into being. As a result, many of the Windows Server 2003 users face the same problem of “low disk space” in system drive. Usually they may turn to Windows built-in Disk Management for help, but unfortunately the Disk Management does not have the function of resizing partition. What’s worse, another Windows snap-in tool, the Diskpart Command can not extend system volume, either. Therefore, a third party partition tool is emergently needed.

The Way to Resize Windows 2008 Partition with a Multifunctional tool

The problem of “resize partition” is still a frequently discussed topic in some forums and blogs. By reading these replies, you can find out that sometimes, the Windows 2008 built-in Disk Management may do some help in resolving this problem. Compared to Windows Server 2003, the snap-in Disk Management does have some improvements. For instance, the Diskpart Command in Windows 2003 just supports extending the data volume, but in Windows Server 2008, it can extend the system/boot volume.

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Learn to Resize Partition for Windows Server 2003 with Reliable Third Party Tool

I am a Windows Server 2003 user, and my computer has a total size of 100GB, including drive C 20GB, drive D 80GB. It has been working pretty well, but recently a serious problem happens to my computer, that is, the drive C has no free space. As a result, my computer runs more and more slowly and also some necessary programs can not be installed, either. Therefore, I decide to allocate some free space from drive D to extend system partition. Then, I launch the Disk Management, but unfortunately, it just has the function of delete and format volume, which may lead to a great data loss. Therefore, the aim of “Windows Server 2003 partition resize” becomes a headache to me.

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