When we buy the computer, it is the perfect one for us. However, with days going by, the computer has presented different kinds of problems. These problems will bring so many troubles to us. Thus, it is imperative to have an assistant tool to manage the computer better.

As we all know, there are many kinds of disk partition software in the markets, and they are classified by price and functions in order to choose them by our own needs. However, we always try our best to search the best free modify partition software. Fortunately, the result has been found.

Best free modify partition software to manage disk

As it mentioned above, a win-to-win tool is pursuit by many people. That is to say, we prefer the free and powerful tool. Here comes AOMEI Partition Assistant Home Edition, a totally free partition manager. It will perfectly modify the disk partition with easy-to-use guides. Now, let’s share some excellent features together!

Merge Partition

It will merge two adjacent volumes. At the same time, merging the unallocated free space in any space is permitted.

Allocate Free Space

It can directly extend the target volumes by releasing unallocated space, including the system volume. With this function, some troublesome procedures have been left out.

Create Partition without Free Space

In Windows Disk Management, only having unallocated space can permit us to create new drives. That brings many troubles for us, because some previous Windows OS don’t have the function of shrink. With this tool, it can easily solve this problem.

Wipe Partition Permanently

Generally speaking, deleting or formatting is just deleting the name of these files. The real data still stays on disk and anyone can read them by some data recovery software. Luckily, this partition magic can wipe all the things on disk permanently, so that these data can be protected at highest level.

Extend Partition Wizard

It enables us to extend system drive quickly without rebooting operating system, which saves a lot of time for us. Just few clicks can accomplish the task.

Migrate OS to HDD or SSD

It allows you to migrate operating system to new hard disk or a speedy new SSD without reinstalling everything. In other word, it leaves out slow and painful process to migrating system partition or data partition to another storage device.

The features above are extremely helpful for us, because it avoids some troublesome procedures and saves much time. Apart from these functions, it also supports resizing/moving/splitting partitions. Meanwhile, it works on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000 Professional (both 32bit and 64bit).

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