Partitioning and Repartitioning 

To begin with, it is essential for computer users to partition their hard drive. By partitioning, you can storage your personal data and classified files and protect them from lose. If you failed to enter into the Windows or if the system affected by virus, you need recover your data or files. By partitioning, you can achieve that object and manage the data and files more efficient. While it’s quite necessary both for desk tops and lap tops users to repartition in optimizing their computers’ performance.

Why Repartitioning Hard Drive?

If somebody want to have dual system by installing another new system like Windows 7, while he has only one partition in the hard disk, when it has installed XP system in partition C:, and there is no any unallocated space so that he can’t create new partition. Usually, one can solve the problem by shrinking the drive C, creating new partition and then installing Windows 7 in the new drive. In other words, we need repartitioning hard drive. How to do that?

Repartition Hard Drive with Disk Management

In windows, some people may used to create partition with snap-in Disk Management. Firstly, Open Disk Management from the Computer Management utility. There must be some unallocated or free space to create partition. Right click on C drive and select “shrink Volume”, in the pop-in window, click “shrink” button. Then, right click on the unallocated or free space and select “New Simple Volume”, following the wizard and create a new partition.

Free Partition Software: AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition

Actually, there are limitations on repartition with Disk Management. In details, it can’t apply for all Windows system. We may not be able to create a new partition in the unallocated or free space because of the limited maximum numbers of partitions. To solve all the problems, we have a better choice – AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition. This free yet powerful disk partitioning tool is designed for Windows. With its help, it would be so easy for disk partition management. With upgrades, AOMEI Partition Assistant owns more and more superiorities, and it could be a good tool in achieving your job. Learn more on how to repartition a hard drive, please go to: //