Why we need to backup data from the computer whose system failed to boot

Why we need the data? They are of great importance and of big use! When our PCs fail to start because of hijack or viruses attack or other reasons, not due to disk damage, we can copy the disk data out to reduce the loss. The data are those that are indispensible for us, such as our pictures or videos with our family or friends, the music which accompany us during special periods of our life, important work documents and many other vital applications, etc.

Why we need to take data out of the dead pc? It is for the safety of them. After system crashes, computer cannot start and be used. In order to reuse the dead computer, its system must be restored. In case of data loss duration recovery, we would better make a backup of the data and store the image out of the dead computer.

Two ways to backup data from non-started computer


  • 1. Take the physical disks out of the damaged computer

Generally, we can get data full protected through directly take the physical disks out of the damaged computer. Then, by inserting the disks into another healthy computer and booting it, we can backup all the things on the disks as we like. Then, plug the disks back into the dead pc for system restoration. Or, if these disks do not carry the system, we can insert them back after the computer is recovered.

  • 2. Take advantage of a third party of software—AOMEI Backupper


If we do not want to bother ourselves to take the physical disks out of the original PC, we have another choice—make use of a third party of software, such as AOMEI Backupper. First, we need to make a bootable disc with Backupper on another computer. Then, we can plug the bootable disc into the failed computer to reboot it and restore its system. After restarting the computer successfully with the bootable disc, we can backup what we want out of the failed computer with Backupper.

create-bootable-discIn general, there are two methods to get data from a computer which fails to boot—taking the physical disks out of the damaged computer or taking advantage of a third party of software, such as AOMEI Backupper.

Tips: AOMEI Backupper Standard is free of charge.

After the system is recovered, we may take it into our minds that it is necessary to make a backup of import items from time to time. To do backup, Backupper is a good choice, especially for file/folder backup. Besides, Windows 7/8 have built-in function which can do simple backup to our computers.

Download free AOMEI Backupper: //www.backup-utility.com/download.html

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