The Windows Server 2003 users may always meet the same disk trouble, that is, “low disk space”. This problem may lead to some bad effects.

  • The users can not update Windows or can not install some necessary applications.
  • The computer will run more and more slowly.
  • The system may crash if the disk space is extremely low.

Then, the operation of “Extend System Partition Windows 2003” needs to be carried out emergently. Then, how to solve this problem with disk managers?

Limitations of Windows Built-in Hard Drive Software

As known to all, the Windows built-in Disk Management just has several basic partition functions, such as, delete, format partition, change drive letter and paths, etc. How about the Diskpart Command?

As for Diskpart Command, there are some limitations as well.

  • It can only work with the file system of NTFS.
  • It can only extend the data drives that there is an unallocated space right behind it.
  • In addition, the operation is so complicated.

Therefore, a powerful third party tool can play a significant role here.

AOMEI Partition Assistant to Extend System Partition Windows 2003

As an all-in-one disk manager, AOMEI Partition Magic turns out to be very good assistant in resolving hard drive troubles, and it has made up for the limitations of Diskpart Command. As for the task of “Extend Volume”, this versatile program has many countermeasures, for example, “Resize” and “Move/Merge”, “Allocated Free Space”, and “Extend Partition Wizard”. Whether there is an unallocated space or not, whether it is system drive or data drive, the features mentioned above can help to extend volume perfectly.

The picture below is the main interface of this partition tool.


Main Interface of AOMEI Server Edition

Apart from these functions, this Partition Magic tool can aid the users in solving many other hard drive problems. What’s more, the prompts are very clear so that the tasks can be easily completed. Therefore, if you have any hard drive problem, just download this tool, and solve it immediately. for detailed guides, refer to the article about “Extend System Partition Windows 2003“.

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