Windows To Go (W2G) is a feature in Windows 10/8 Enterprise that allows Windows 10/8 Enterprise to boot and run from mass storage devices such as USB flash drives and external hard disk drives. It is a fully manageable corporate Windows 10/8 environment.

About Windows To Go

  • Before Window 8, the full edition of Windows does not support Windows start from USB device, which can only start from some special editions such as Win PE or built-in Windows
  • Win 8 is the first to support USB start , and it right meets demands from mobile working and USB 3.0
  • Support BitLocker’s encryption to data in USB flash drive, and windows can be used after inputting password when it starts. (note: the interface of password inputting does not support touching screen)
  • You cannot read each other’s files between systems on USB flash drives and hard disks. You are only allowed to allocate your drive letter in disk management.
  • Requirements to USB flash drive: the storage is at least 32GB, USB 2.0/3.0 is permitted (USB 3.0 is recommended). USB 2.0 that is used to run windows 8 can meet the basic demands, but USB 3.0 is promoted
  • Windows 8 control panel has the option to start from win to go USB drive; and it can be started in BIOS.

Why should create Windows 10/8 To Go non-certified USB thumb drive?

It is very useful to create Windows 10/8 To Go non-certified USB thumb drive, which is convenient for you to operate computer in work and live. In general, it has such advantages below:

  • You can bring an image of your work computer home to use on your home PC, and test Windows 10 on your hardware before you install it, and bring your own personal device to work. It might be especially useful for travelers and works pretty much like the typical Windows installation, except the host computer’s hard disks are offline by default.
  •  It breaks the limitation that one computer has one OS, in other words, people have to adjust to computer. Windows To Go USB thumb drive helps us to make computer adjust to people
  • Microsoft-certified USB drive suited with Windows 8 W2G is too little, and their price is very expensive. The lowest price product is Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate, and it charges 50 dollars.

How to create Windows 10/8 To Go non-certified USB thumb drive?

Some kinds of software, even Microsoft Windows 8 support to create windows 8 To Go non-certified USB thumb drive, but their requirements are too much, such as the storage of USB must be at least 32GB, or you have to pay for certified drive. But AOMEI Partition Assistant standard edition makes it very easy to create window 8 To Go non-certified USB thumb drive. It has “windows To Go creator” wizard to do that and its requirements to storage of hard drive are less than other kinds of software.

These instructions can help you to create window 8 To Go non-certified USB thumb drive:

windows-to-go-creatorThe Function ‘Windows To Go Creator’

Walk through the wizard and then you can boot into Windows 10/8 using your USB drive on any computer. Note that this is a full installation of Windows and when you first run it, you’ll have to enter your Windows key and go through the setup process.

If you want to know more, please you click this.


  •  Install Windows 10 or 8 OS on USB removable hard disk, whose reading speed is faster than USB drive, and whose capacity is larger than USB flash drive. So, USB removable hard disk is better choice to operate system. The only shortcoming is the volume of external hard disk drives is larger than USB flash drive’s, and it is not convenient to carry.
  • Windows To Go supports storage device such as USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, and their capacity demands at least 16GB. It also supports BIOS and UEFI.
  •  W2G does not support hibernation mode, but W2G have taken prevention measures. Once the storage device is unplugged when W2G is running, the system could be locked for 60 seconds. If it won’t be not plugged back again within 60 seconds, system would shut down automatically.