With window 8 launched, windows to go (W2G) that is the new feature in win.8 attracts many people’s attention. Windows to go allows Windows 8 Enterprise to boot and run from mass storage devices such as USB flash drives and external hard disk drives. Since it has such advantage, most people want to know how to move windows to USB and make it bootable, but seldom of them know how to operate it. Actually, it is not hard to do with the third party software.

Why need to use third party software to move windows to USB

 As you know, windows 8 itself has the function to move windows to USB, but its requirements are strict:

  • The storage of external hard disk should be at least 32 GB.
  • It only support certified USB, but certified USB is very expensive and the type of it is limited.

It is very complex to create windows 8 to go certified USB drive by wondow8 system itself, so, why don’t you use a shortcut: move window to non-certified USB with the third party software.

How to move windows to USB and make it bootable with AOMEI Partition Assistant

AOMEI Partition Assistant has ‘windows to go creators’ wizard that can move windows 8 to your USB flash drive or hard disk directly. Of course, the processes to move need some conditions, but they are easier than Microsoft windows’ own function and other kinds of software. One of the reasons for why you can choose this software is that not only it is free of charge, but also does not need to have a USB drive, whose minimum capacity is 32 GB.

So when you want to move window 8 to USB, you need some conditions below:

  • A computer installed with windows 8 (don’t tell me that you want to move win 8 into USB in one computer installed with window XP.)
  • An external storage device such as USB drive or hard disk, they should be 13 GB or larger. (The larger your storage device is the faster windows system runs.)

After you making it, you can plug the USB contained win 8 in any computer and make it bootable.

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