What is Dropinone?

Dropinone is a new application from Aomei tech, a cloud storage manager. To manage clouds backup we support as one.

Operations Steps of DropInOne

Step 1: before use, you should register in cloud storage providers (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box.net, Skydrive, Amazon S3, SugarSync are now supported). If you don’t, you can register the same account on different providers.

Step 2: Sign up in DropInOne, activate and Sigh In. then you’ll see the main interface. Choose the target one, take the “Dropbox” for example, type a “Display Name” and then hit “Add DropInOne Account” to follow the guide. You can do the same to GoogleDrive and others.

Step 3: After add the cloud drives, you can ccess your files on those clouds, and now you can do the operations such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Share and Search, Upload and Download etc.

DropInOne is a FREE application, by which you could manage files on different cloud drives and get more ease in life.

Click here to see screenshots on Dropinone