Just a few of the benefits of SSD make it worth switching to this technology. These benefits include:


  •  Faster Load Times
  •  More Up Time
  •  Lower Power Consumption
  •  No Moving Parts
  •  More Reliable than Standard Drives
  •  More Scalable than Older Drives
  •  Robust Application Deployment
  •  Easier Configuration
  •  Intuitive Backup Settings
  •  Platform Independent


Solid state drives are quickly becoming the de facto standard in web-hosting setups. Considering the benefits that these drives provide, it’s easy to foresee a day when SSD is the only option which providers and their clients find will find acceptable. Taking advantage of the myriad benefits of SSD now provides a future-proof environment for your hosted websites and applications.


Even the most conscientious web hosts can have accidents with hard drives. A hard drive dropped from a distance of just 3 feet can be rendered completely useless. Since SSDs have no moving parts, they are far more robust than traditional hard drives. A dropped SSD doesn’t mean that your site has to stop.


When traditional drives inevitably fail, a devastating amount of downtime usually follows. Even the most sophisticated redundant back up data schemes don’t always provide instant access to mission-critical applications and data. Each second of downtime represents a lost business opportunity. This loss is magnified exponentially when intricate data backup techniques are required to restore corrupted or deleted information.

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