Question: Immediately after the release of Windows 8, it takes the place of the Windows 7 operating system in my computer, for its beautiful layout and some other improvements. However, the warning of “low disk space” keeps popping up on the screen as well. I have searched for the reasons on the internet, and I know it is because that the volume of the system partition nearly runs out as a result of so many installed programs. Therefore, I decide to extend the system drive by shrinking other drives. How can I reach my goal?

Answer: Windows 8 built-in Disk Management does have the function of extend volume, but there are some limitations. There must be an unallocated space right behind the drive you want to extend. If there is not, the extend volume will be grayed out. There is a third party partition tool, AOMEI Partition Assistant, which can solve the “low disk space” problem without losing data.

Windows 8 Snap-in Disk Management

The Win8 built-in Disk Management possesses many functions in dealing with drive partition, such as, create and format partition, extend and shrink volume. Since the reason I have said before, you can only extend the volume behind which there is an adjacent unallocated space.

AOMEI Partition Assistant

Main Interface of AOMEI Partition Assistant

As a versatile magic manager, AOMEI Partition Assistant has a variety of features to solve the partition problems, such as “Resize Partition” “Merge Partitions” “Split Partition” “Allocate Free Space”, etc. what’s more, it has many “Wizard” to guide the green hand in dealing with partition troubles. And then, it is free and secure. There is no need for you to worry about the “data lose” question. Therefore, now just download the tool and operate it by yourself.