Allocate Free Space to C drive

Primary, extended and logical partitions are the three basic types of partition in hard disk drive. It must be partitioned to use the space in a hard disk. Partitioning is the process of dividing hard disk space into chucks. But usually, we cannot make a proper partition completely. We may suffer from different kinds of problems in the process. For instance, “I bought a new computer with Windows XP Pro installed on it. I see that only about one quarter of the space is being used in Disk Management. The rest is unallocated. Is it possible to just add this unallocated space to the primary C drive, thus making C drive pretty much the whole drive?” So how can we do that?

Methods to Allocate Unallocated Space to C drive

Make the unallocated space as an additional drive:

A common approach is to simply create a new drive out of the unallocated space. First, in the Disk Management, right click the unallocated drive and click New Simple Volume… it starts the “New Simple Volume Wizard”. Click “Next” on the resulting dialog to be taken to the page where you specify the volume size. The default answer is to use all of the available space, which is probably what you want. Click “Next” and you’ll choose the drive letter to be assigned to the new partition. Once again, the default is probably appropriate, unless you have a specific reason to change it. Click “Next” to get a summary screen for confirmation, and then click “Finish” to complete the operation. Windows then formats the drive and when complete, it appears as “just another drive” on your system. Finally, you’ll succeed in allocating.

Expand the adjacent drive:

The other approach is to simply expand an adjacent volume to use the unallocated space. First, right click the C drive, and click Extend Volume…, the option only be available if there is space to expand, it means that there’s an unallocated partition following the C partition. Then, we’ll start the “Extend Volume Wizard”. Clicking “Next” and opening the “select Disks” dialog. Click “Next” and a summary screen confirming our choice appears. Click Finish, and Windows begins the operation. Once completed, the unallocated partition is gone and the C partition is larger.

Allocate unallocated space to C drive without deleting and formatting

To allocate free space to C drive, we have to delete and format the original partition in Disk Management. But if there’s any way to do that without delete and format? Good news is that we can achieve the object with the help of third party software. AOMEI Partition Assistant, for example, provides us great assistant. It supported by all the Windows operating system. With its help, you can also resize, move, merge, split or copy partitions without losing data, etc.