Question: There is always something wrong with my computer hard disk, like software failure, low disk partition space, etc. In order to solve all the problems, I try to find the best disk space manager. Are there any suggestions?

Answer: Perhaps Partition Assistant, the popular partition manager, is your best choice. There are several types of versions, and you can quickly and safely solve many disk problems. It is a piece of cake with its help, and the simple interface will give a big hand for novice.

Computer has been widely used in people’s life, and it has become the necessary tool for us. Thus, to ensure the computer’s safety is so important. However, with day and day passing by, we will be faced with different kinds of troubles, especially for the disk problem.

What does Partition Assistant do?

Partition Assistant is an easy-to-use tool specialized in disk problems. It includes some basic and advanced features for disk, like resize, move, merge, extend, copy and so on. Meanwhile, most of these operations will be working without losing data and rebooting operating system.

There are different kinds of Partition Assistant versions, including Home, Pro, Server, Unlimited, etc. Each edition has its own features, and they all can solve your hard disk problems. Now, let me share the features of one version with you.

Outstanding features in Partition Assistant Home Edition

It is totally free for private and commercial users who work on Windows 8/7(SP1 supported)/Vista/XP (both 32bit and 64bit), and seven languages are supported. Through this powerful software, you can repartition hard disk, resize/move/merge partitions, convert partition to NTFS, etc. You needn’t to worry whether you can handle it or not, because its simple interface will bring you much convenient, even though you are a green hand.

After the brief introduction, let’s see some distinguished features of this product:

Extend system drive without rebooting system

Create partitions without unallocated space

Migrate OS to SSD/HDD quickly and safely

Copy disk/partition safely

Allocate free space to another volume directly

Wipe partitions permanently

Having so fantastic features, do you want to have a try? Apparently, it is a good helper to assistant you to manage your disk. Do you think so?