Why do We Need to Recover Partition?

Situation 1
Nowadays, the virus has become more and more wildly spread, so that the data and files suffer a serious damage. What’s worse, some drives just get lost. In this condition, “lost drive recovery” turns to be an emergent problem that needs to be dealt with.

Situation 2
Sometimes, the drive might be deleted accidently. Under this circumstance, you may suffer a great data loss if you do not know the way of recover deleted partition.

The Windows built-in programs do not have this function; therefore, third party software is badly needed. According to my experience, the “Partition Recovery Wizard” option of AOMEI Partition Assistant will be a right choice. Just a few days ago, I deleted drive F accidently that has a lot of information about my work. At that time, I was extremely anxious. Fortunately, my best friend introduced me this magic recovery tool, which has surprised a lot. In my opinion, good things must be shared with you all, so I will tell you the way of deleted partition recovery.

How to Recover Deleted Partition?

First, download AOMEI Partition Assistant, install and launch it. (The picture below is the main interface of this software.)

Then in the pop-up window, you should select the drive you want to recover.
Third, choose a search method, fast or full search. Usually the first one is recommended.
Then, select the drive you want to recover, and click “Proceed” to commit the operation.
At last, click “Finish”, then you can get the data in the deleted drive again.

All in all, this assistant is a very powerful tool. Apart from the function of deleted partition recovery, it has so many other features as well, such as, resize, split, and merge, etc. you can just download it and experience its powerful functions