Wonderful Disk Space Manager to Manage Hard Disk Space Easily

Computer has been widely used in people’s life, and it has become the necessary tool for us. Thus, to ensure the computer’s safety is so important. However, with day and day passing by, we will be faced with different kinds of troubles, especially for the disk problem.
Partition Assistant is an easy-to-use tool specialized in disk problems. It includes some basic and advanced features for disk, like resize, move, merge, extend, copy and so on. Meanwhile, most of these operations will be working without losing data and rebooting operating system.

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Best Free Modify Partition Software to Manage Disk Partition Easily

When we buy the computer, it is the perfect one for us. However, with days going by, the computer has presented different kinds of problems. These problems will bring so many troubles to us. Thus, it is imperative to have an assistant tool to manage the computer better.

As we all know, there are many kinds of disk partition software in the markets, and they are classified by price and functions in order to choose them by our own needs. However, we always try our best to search the best free modify partition software. Fortunately, the result has been found.

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How to Format Partition to Fat 32 When It Is Larger than 32GB?

As we all know, Fat 32 and NTFS are two main file systems widely used by computer users. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. Based on different users’ needs, they choose different file systems.

Reason to format partition to Fat 32

Fat32 is popular among users, although it had the limitation in capacity. Generally speaking, it had been used in several aspects: for home users, it is recommended to save media files; for game players, the external disk added on Xbox 360 or PS3 must be Fat 32; and for Server users, keeping data on it will provide steady performance.

When the partition capacity is larger than 32GB, Fat 32 is not supported. In this case, what should you do to keep this file system? Will you backup all the data to format it, and then to shrink the size to convert?

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Why Is My C Drive Red?

What does the title mean? I don’t know the meaning yet. Until yesterday, I found my C drive was red. Generally speaking, C drive has been used as system drive. Compared with other partitions, it became red because the space was not enough. Since I’m a green hand in computer, I have no idea about it.

My friends told me the only way is to reinstall the operating system for repartitioning the hard disk. However, the reinstalled procedures will undertake the risk of data losing and cost a lot of time, which doesn’t seem a good idea to me. So, is there any way can help me?

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How to Repartition a Hard Drive Easily and Safely with Powerful Tools?

With the increasing development of computer technology, more and more brand computers have steppes into the market. Although the users have more choices, there are still many disk problems. In many forums, the question of “how to repartition a hard drive” can be seen frequently. Maybe, many people think that it is very hard to repartition a hard drive without data loss. However, a right choice can make great difference.

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How to Solve the Problem of Low Disk Space in Windows 8 with Reliable Partition Tools?

Immediately after the release of Windows 8, it takes the place of the Windows 7 operating system in my computer, for its beautiful layout and some other improvements. However, the warning of “low disk space” keeps popping up on the screen as well. I have searched for the reasons on the internet, and I know it is because that the volume of the system partition nearly runs out as a result of so many installed programs. Therefore, I decide to extend the system drive by shrinking other drives. How can I reach my goal?

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How to Solve the Problem of Deleted Partition Recovery?

The Windows built-in programs do not have this function; therefore, third party software is badly needed. According to my experience, the “Partition Recovery Wizard” option of AOMEI Partition Assistant will be a right choice. Just a few days ago, I deleted drive F accidently that has a lot of information about my work. At that time, I was extremely anxious. Fortunately, my best friend introduced me this magic recovery tool, which has surprised a lot. In my opinion, good things must be shared with you all, so I will tell you the way of deleted partition recovery.

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