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Initialize Disk

The Initialize Disk feature initializes a raw disk to either the MBR or GPT disk styles. The default disk style is MBR. Disks must be initialized before they can be formatted and used to store data.

AOMEI Post By AOMEI Updated April 8, 2024

When you add a new disk into your machine, you should initialize it before it can be used for storing and retrieving. In other words, a new added disk must be registered in your operating system by initializing it. This feature allows you to initialize a disk into MBR or GPT mode.

To Initialize Disk

Step 1: Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant and right click on the raw disk which you want to initialize, let's take Disk 2 as an example. Choose "Initialize Disk" in the pop-up menu. 

Disk Initialize

Step 2: In the pop up window, there will be two options for you to choose. You can initialize the disk to MBR or GPT style. Click "OK" to continue.

Choose Disk Style

Step 3: Click "Apply" to wait for process to complete.

Apply Initialize