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How to test the speed of a hard drive?

This article will show you how to test the read and write speed of a hard drive by AOMEI Partition Assistant.

AOMEI Post By AOMEI Updated May 13, 2024

Overview of disk speed test

Disk Speed Test is to measure the transfer rate of the hard disk. The data transfer rate of the hard disk refers to the speed at which the hard disk reads and writes data. Usually, the speed efficiency of the hard disk is determined by measuring the speed of the hard disk transfer rate. The unit of the transfer rate is megabytes per second. Typically, SSDs are much faster than HDDs, but if you want to know the exact speed, you need to do a speed test.

How to test disk speed test step by step

1. Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant,. Click the "Test" main tab and select the "Disk Speed Test" tool.

Disk Speed Test

2. All partitions will be listed here and you can choose the one you want to test and click "Start" to start the process.

Start Test

3. After the speed test is complete, you can export the results.

Export Result

Copy to clipboard:  Copy the test results to clipboard.

Export to text: Export the test results as a txt file.

Export to screenshot: Export the test results as a png image.

4.  If you need a more comprehensive test, please click the "Pro Mode" button to check more info.

Pro Mode

In the Pro Mode detail interface, more information will be displayed and you can click "Simple Mode" to return to the simple mode interface.

Pro Mode Interface

Partition: The partition selected in the Simple Mode is displayed by default. If no partition is selected in Simple Mode, then the first partition under the first disk is selected by default.

Speed: The speed test is divided into two types, Average speed and Maximum speed, the default configuration is Average speed.

Size: The optional range of the test file size is 16MB-64GB. The default configuration is the file size suitable for the current partition.

Test Number: The optional range of test number is 1-10, the default configuration is 5.

Duration(s): The test duration can be selected in the range of 5s-60s, and the default configuration is 5s.

Test Mode:  The test modes are divided into Sequential test and Random test. The default configuration is that the first and second rounds are Sequential tests, and the third and fourth rounds are Random tests.

Block Size: The optional range of block size is 4KB-2MB, the default configuration of the first and second rounds are 1MB, and the default configuration of the third and fourth rounds are 4KB.

Queues: The optional range of queues is 1-512, the default configuration of the first round is 8, the second and fourth rounds are 1, and the third round is 32.

Threads: The optional range of threads is 1-64, and the default configuration of the first to fourth rounds is 1.

Read/Write:  The "Read" and "Write" columns display the speed tested by the system in real time, the unit is MB/s, and the default display is 0.00 when the test is not started.